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Exercise Therapy Through Targeted Rehabilitation

Exercise therapy is essential for maintenance of good health. The type of exercise therapy and the intensity of your workout program must be established to meet your physiological needs. With the completion of your targeted treatment plan, your recovery and well-being are on track. We are all unique, each having specific health issues and weakness to overcome. For exercise therapy to be effective, it must be specific.

Just going to the gym, lifting, pulling and pushing weights is not enough. In fact, if you are not careful, you can hurt yourself quite badly. Some have even had strokes and heart attacks because they just pushed too much, too fast or too soon.

In our centers, exercise therapy is at the core of our therapeutic programs. Regardless of the pain or malfunction, targeted exercises will be administered at some point during your care. The purpose of a targeted exercise program is to regain lost motion, to improve function, increase endurance, increase vascularization and speed healing. By the same token, the wrong or poorly planned exercise programs can have the exact opposite impact.

Our clinical physiotherapists and research-based chiropractors are the exercise therapy specialists you need for a faster recovery.

Whether your goals are to recover from an injury, improve strength or to gain some mass, we can help. We can even guide you to get some extra distance with your drives if you are a golfer with our combined chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Strengthening and rehabilitation exercises prescribed by our team are diagnosis specific and targeted. We provide each of our patients with both short-term and long-term exercises to help their recovery. The exercises prescribed will be thoroughly explained by our clinical team. Chiropractic Specialty Center view rehabilitative exercises as the critical component of our therapy program. If the treatment center you go to hasn’t prescribed exercises or if their prescribed exercise is from a handout that never gets reevaluated, then you need us.

Therapeutic exercise is beneficial only if it is diagnosis specific, done at the right time and in proper fashion. Our clinical team is the expert non-surgical spine and joint team. Our methods, systems, and technology, are superior to others. Visit our one of our centers today and experience care through the best in chiropractic and physiotherapy combined and exercise therapy.