jaw pain cause and treatments

Jaw Pain (TMJ Pain) Cause & Treatments

Jaw pain (TMJ problems) commonly occurs due to an injury or an abnormality of anatomical structures of the jaw, which adversely affect the muscles and joints. In some cases, the symptoms can be traced or linked to the teeth or “bite.” Also, whiplash, or a previous accident, may be involved. Bad habits such as resting your chin on your hand, wide yawning, and chewing gum can cause jaw problems and slowly lead to TMJ disorders.

Jaw muscles tightness

Muscles control jaw movements. Talking, yawning and chewing are activities controlled by the jaw muscles. There are times that excessive yawning or biting into an apple or chewing tough meat or hard candy can lead to irritation or damage to your jaw muscles or ligaments. Damaged muscles and ligaments often lead to tightness, which can be the cause of jaw pain.

Jaw Joint inflammation

The swelling or inflammation within or surrounding the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments of the Jaw joint) has a significant impact on the severity of pain felt. Inflammation may cause jaw pain, tenderness, warmness, and limitation of jaw movement. The inflamed jaw occurs when the surrounding soft tissues of the TMJ become tight and injured. When the soft tissues are inflamed, the jaw joints lose their stability. It leads to a cycle of joint stress and inflammation.

Jaw disc damage

There is a small and highly mobile disc (pad) that separates the two bones of the jaw. Damage to this disc can cause jaw pain during movement. Clicking sounds from the jaw when opening or closing your mouth may indicate that the jaw disc is damaged. It may be painful or painless. Some people may experience joint jaw locking during jaw movement; it occurs when the disc moves too far out of the joint space. This, in turn, causes wear and tear of the jaw joints so don’t ignore a locking jaw.

In our center, there are non-surgical treatment options available for those who are suffering from jaw pain. Our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are experts in detecting TMJ problems and will determine the proper treatment condition. Each jaw treatment rendered by our clinical team is customized to meet the therapeutic needs of our patients. Our methods and systems are highly effective as it incorporates physiotherapy treatments with treatments given by our Research-Based Chiropractors and therapies of specialized devices. In short, our approaches and systems of treatments can produce the result that you need for a faster recovery.

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