Slip disc benefits of spinal decompression

NSD Therapy®

NSD Therapy® is all about the healing damaged joints, slip disc, torn (damaged) ligaments and muscles naturally without the need for drugs, injections or medication. NSD Therapy® is a holistic, collaborative means of non-surgical care that get results for the slip disc patient even when others fail.

Not long ago, those with severe neck pain or back pain had to visit spinal surgeons for an invasive procedure. Along with exercise and rehabilitation, NSD Therapy® is great because neck and back pain sufferers no longer have to have surgery as the only option for a Slipped Disc (slip disc).

How we treat a Slipped Disc (Slip Disc, Herniated Disc or Bulging Disc)

Degenerated discs, bulging discs, herniated discs (slip-disc), sciatica, posterior facet syndromes and scoliosis are significant problems that take years to develop. Correcting such chronic conditions will require time and effort. NSD Therapy® is designed to treat these condition non-surgically in combination with chiropractic and physiotherapy. NSD Therapy® is better than physiotherapy and chiropractic as it includes both and much more.

The primary goal with NSD Therapy® is to restore function by undoing the damage. In some cases the reversal of damage (healing) is significant. The key to speedy recovery is timely diagnosis and consistent care. NSD Therapy® is not a magical means of care; it takes efforts from our research-based chiropractors, clinical physiotherapists who use their skills, knowledge, and advanced technology during your treatment sessions.

You started to have your problem (slip disc) long before you ever felt your pain. It took the time to develop your problems; it will take time and effort to get rid of it. The amount of time needed for reversing or stabilizing a slip-disc in your neck or back depends on the severity of your condition.

Some may require only a few sessions, but if there is a slip disc issue, the number of treatment sessions may increase. On the average, a patient with slip disc needs treatments for 6-8 weeks. Therapies are non-invasive and can be done on outpatient basis. No hospital stays or painful injections. No harmful drugs or medications that have no benefit. Best of all, there is no cutting. You get better and keep all your important body parts. The Almighty did not give us extra parts. NSD Therapy® makes it possible for you to keep the surgeon away. The surgeon might not like it, but your body will.