our clinical physiotherapy services

Our Clinical Physiotherapy Services

Clinical Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) is the art and science of care rendered manually and through the use of specialized therapeutic devices for a host of disorders including especially those relating to spine, joint or sports injury. At Chiropractic Specialty Centers, we hand pick Physiotherapists from a long list of candidates. What sets our Clinical physiotherapists (Physical Therapists) apart from the rest is the additional training they receive once they join our Clinical Team.

By the time, a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist) treats a patient in one of our centers; they have mastered the skills, knowledge, and capabilities that others do not. We help them become the masters in their field. We do this through our specialized research-based clinical training. Their skills and knowledge and compassion are second to none. Our clinical Physiotherapists use their knowledge and advanced therapy devices to get you back on your feet, with as little loss of time as possible.

Our Physiotherapists are the clinical coaches, healing partners and teachers you need for a full and speedy recovery. The knowledge, skills, and technology they use for the spine are unmatched by others. Best of all, our physiotherapists combine their collective abilities with our research-based chiropractors. Don’t settle for the average physiotherapist when you can get care from a clinical collaborative team with advanced technology for the spine.

The Advantages of Our Technology Assisted Clinical Physiotherapy Treatments

The clinical physiotherapy services you get in a Chiropractic Specialty Center is superior to that which you can receive in a typical physiotherapy center. Our technology and training are far superior to what others offer for their physiotherapists.

The combined effects of advanced technology coupled with a focused active clinical training program have made our physiotherapist the clinical experts for spine and joint. The most significant difference you will notice is the fact that our entire treatment program and methods are designed to provide you comprehensive non-surgical solutions. Clinical Physiotherapy treatments you get from our centers is through methods that can help you avoid surgery.

Our training and continuing education programs we provide for our non-surgical clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists are focused so that they can provide a comprehensive non-surgical option for all our patients. Every step, each treatment, and all modalities were chosen to meet our non-surgical and non-invasive principles of care.

Furthermore, some centers primarily offer chiropractic or mostly physiotherapy. There are even those that offer a limited combination of physiotherapy and chiropractic, but the care they render is not entirely collaborative. The care you get from a Chiropractic Specialty Center is designed in a manner, requiring both chiropractor’s and physiotherapists’ inputs and procedures before and during each treatment