Our jaw pain treatment is through advanced methodologies of chiropractic and physiotherapy combined.

Best Non-Surgical Jaw Pain Treatment That Fixes & Repairs the Actual Cause of Your TMJ issues. 

Jaw pain (TMJ problems) commonly occurs due to an injury or an abnormality of the jaw's anatomical structures, which adversely affects the muscles and joints. In some cases, the symptoms can be traced or linked to the teeth or “bite.” Also, whiplash, or a previous accident, may be involved. Bad habits such as resting your chin on your hand, wide yawning, and chewing gum can cause jaw problems and slowly lead to TMJ disorders.

Can Neck Problems Lead To TMJ Issues?

Neck pain is fast becoming the most common health issue. The rise in neck pain sufferers is related to increased cell phone or smart device use. In short, neck issues do lead to jaw problems (TMD). Similarly, Jaw problems can also cause neckaches and neck issues. In other words, these are two of the most common co-conditions that some jaw and neck pateints have. Chronic jaw conditions and neck issues that don't go away are possible due to combination issues that impact jaws and neck simultaneously. As such, pateints with neck and jaw problems or TMDs should get their jaws and neck treated in parallel.

Common neck disorders that lead to symptomatic jaw include cervical spondylosis and slipped discs. Those with chronic jaw problems temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD should have their neck and upper back assessed thoroughly.

It is important to note that TMD issues are often asymptomatic and not painful. That's because the jaw joint lacks the pain-sensing nerve. The jaw pain that most feel is due to jaw issues that impact muscles or nearby structures that surround the jaw joint. To recovery entirely, you will need to fix and repair the problem and damaged tissues surrounding the jaw joint and the neck when neck issues present simultaneously with jaw pain.

How Can A Painless Jaw Still Have Problems?

The vast majority of patients with jaw issues have little to no pain in their jaw joint or TMJ. The jaw joint is the only joint in the body that does not have a pain sensing-nerve. And it is a good thing! Imagine what life would be like if minor jaw issues lead to a painful jaw? You wouldn't eat, talk, or even yawn. These are the reasons why we don't have a pain-sensing nerve in the jaws.

Jaw issues often cause confusing symptoms. It even confuses doctors. Symptoms felt because of a jaw problem include upper neck pain, headaches, migraines, dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and clicking sounds. If you are experiencing these symptoms, call us. CSC is the best non-surgical center for muscles, ligaments, tendons, jaws, bones, and the spine. Our methods of care are better than what others provide. Opt for the best jaw pain treatment in Malaysia and call the Chiropractic Specialty Center® today.

Jaw Muscle Tightness

Muscles control jaw movements. Talking, yawning, and chewing are activities controlled by the jaw muscles. There are times that excessive yawning or biting into an apple or chewing tough meat or hard candy can lead to irritation or damage to your jaw muscles or ligaments. Damaged muscles and ligaments often lead to tightness, which can be the cause of jaw pain. At CSC, treatments for muscular-related jaw pain are performed by an expert team of physiotherapists and chiropractors.

TMJ Inflammation & Jaw Pain

The swelling or inflammation within or surrounding the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments of the Jaw joint) significantly impacts the severity of jaw pain felt. Inflammation may cause jaw discomfort, tenderness, warmness, and limitation of jaw movement. The inflamed jaw occurs when the surrounding soft tissues of the TMJ become tight and injured. When the soft tissues are inflamed, the jaw joints lose their stability. It leads to a cycle of joint stress and inflammation. Jaw treatment for an inflamed TMJ joint can be done with ice massage, electrotherapy, or NSAIDs( Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

TMJ Disc Damage & How To Fix It

The articular disc (jaw joint disc) is a small and highly mobile disc (pad) that separates the jaw's two bones. Damage to this disc can cause jaw pain during movement. Yes, you can get a slipped disc in your jaw joint. We have seen and treated it too often. Our targeted methods of jaw slipped disc treatment can get you better faster. Call us today for the best and most holistic non-surgical jaw pain treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Clicking sounds from the jaw when opening or closing your mouth may indicate that the jaw disc is damaged. It may be painful or painless. Some people may experience joint jaw locking during jaw movement; it occurs when the disc moves too far out of the joint space. This, in turn, causes wear and tear of the jaw joints, so don’t ignore a locking jaw.

CSC Is The Best Jaw Treatment Center In Malaysia

There are non-surgical jaw treatment options available for those who are suffering from a painful jaw in our center. CSC's chiropractors and physiotherapists are experts in detecting TMJ problems and will determine the proper treatment condition. Jaw treatment rendered by our clinical team is customized to meet the therapeutic needs of our patients. Our methods and systems are highly effective as it incorporates physiotherapy treatments with treatments given by our evidence-based chiropractors and therapies of specialized devices. In short, our approaches and systems of jaw pain treatment can produce the result that you need for a faster recovery.

Chiropractic Specialty Center provides the best Jaw Pain Treatment In Malaysia; contact us today for a jaw therapy program that eliminates TMJ & TMD issues fast!

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