NSD Therapy Treatment

How is NSD Therapy® Administered?

NSD Therapy treatments are provided through the clinical efforts of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and  Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy. NSD Therapy Treatment is the best and most effective non-surgical spine care in the world today. Call us today to recover from a slipped disc non-operatively.

The RxDecom® makes NSD Therapy possible. Before administering NSD Therapy our chiropractors will thoroughly examine and evaluate your condition. MRI, CT or X-rays may be required.

Once an accurate diagnosis is done and we have determined that you are a candidate for non-surgical decompression therapy, then you will be able to undergo NSD Therapy Treatment and be on your way to achieving better health.

Before the therapeutic session starts, our team will enter all your information about your condition, the diagnosis, information from MRIs, CTs or X-rays, etc into the NSD Therapy software. This revolutionary software was created to calculate, monitor and administer each session through a series of complex and sophisticated algorithms. It monitors patients more than hundreds of times per second, making the already safe NSD Therapy technology even safer.


NSD Therapy treatment is the combination of technology (RxDecom®) and expert clinical care of physiotherapist and chiropractors.

It is this combination that makes NSD Therapy Treatments a system of attention that is superior to all others. NSD Therapy® is extremely focused and specialized. Our doctors of Chiropractic and physiotherapists can even care and treat the most severe of conditions.

Chiropractic Specialty Center are the only ones that are capable of rendering NSD Therapy treatments in Malaysia. No other center or clinic has the expertise or training needed for NSD Therapy Treatment. If you have been told to live with back pain or neck pain, we can help. If you have had neck or back surgery and still experience pain, call us we can help.