NSD Therapy and Slip Disc

NSD Therapy and Slip Disc?

Slip-Disc (Slipped Disc)is rapidly becoming the number one health problem for many. Unfortunately, many centers and clinics are poorly equipped or lack the knowledge and skills needed to offer an effective method of non-surgical treatments. NSD Therapy and Slip Disc is like milk and honey. In other words, they are made for each other. NSD Therapy is the best means of treating a slip-disc without surgery. Thus, the relations between NSD Therapy and Slip-Disc is of vital importance.

Even the traditional chiropractic and modern physiotherapy have failed to offer any hope for the slip-disc patient. Our clinical teams of Chiropractors and Physiotherapist are the experts of NSD therapy and slip disc treatments. Visit us today for the best non-surgical solution.

The good news is that you no longer have to have a surgical intervention if you have a slipped disc. In fact, many that have been told to have surgery can now be effectively treated with NSD Therapy. NSD Therapy is modernizing the fields of physiotherapy and chiropractic.

NSD Therapy is a multi-prong method of spine care that involves the use of advanced spine technology, very accurate and specialized methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy. The result is recovery and repair of the damaged tissue including that of the spinal disc. The key to slipped disc treatment and rehabilitation is early diagnosis and appropriate, timely care. Slipped disc treatments are now possible with NSD Therapy.


NSD Therapy and Slip Disc Treatments Options

NSD Therapy and slip disc treatments at our center is all about the healing of damaged “slipped” discs (slip disc). Our methods of care coupled with our integrative healthcare and technology have made it possible for us to treat even the most critical slipped disc. Slip disc no longer has to have surgery for it to heal.

Degenerative discs, bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica and posterior facet syndromes are big problems and take years to happen. Correcting such chronic conditions will require time and effort, even with NSD Therapy. You started to have your problem long before you ever felt your pain. It took some time for your problem to develop, therefore; it will take time and effort to get rid of it. The amount of time needed for reversing or stabilizing your neck or back is depended on the severity of your condition.

Some may require only a few sessions, but if there is a spinal disc issue the number of sessions may increase. On the average, a patient with slip disc needs care for 6-8 weeks. Therapies are non-invasive and can be done on outpatient basis. NSD therapy is not painful, no hospital stays or painful injections. No harmful drugs or medications that have no benefit. Best of all, there is no cutting. You get better and keep all your important body parts. The Almighty did not give us extra parts. NSD Therapy can keep the surgeon away. The surgeon might not like, but your body will.

The worse your condition, the longer it will take to get you better. In most cases, patients require about 20 to 25 sessions of NSD Therapy®. Some may need a bit more, depending on the severity and age of their condition.