Back Pain Spinal Decompression Therapy

NSD Therapy is specific Back Pain and Neck Pain

Back pain can come and go, but if you don’t get it fixed, it might come and stay. Back pain has become an epidemic for which there is a solution. It will get worse over time. By itself, it doesn’t get better, only the pain comes and goes. The best choice is to repair it fast.

Get your Back Pain treated through the advanced non-surgical methods of NSD Therapy. The BEST Treatment for Back Pain is the non-operative means of NSD Therapy.

There are catastrophic effects associated with decreased diffusion of nutrients into the vertebral disc. It starts to wear out. This wear and tear are the leading cause of neck pain as well as back pain. Neck pain and back pain are extremely common, and with our sedentary lifestyles, they are about to become even more widespread. According to studies from the United States of America, spine condition (Neck pain and Back pain) will soon be at epidemic levels. No one is immune.

The rise in the numbers of neck pain and back pain sufferers is due to our lifestyles. We sit too much for too long of a period. Sitting is now being compared to smoking. Prolonged sitting is said to be worse than smoking. If this is true, then what of the smokers with jobs requiring them to sit for long periods?

Well, whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker sitting for extended periods of time will damage your back. The damage is from the premature wearing of discs and joints. The Good news is that damaged discs can be fixed without surgery.


Back Pain Treatments At Chiropractic Specialty Center

Each clinic or center of Chiropractic Specialty Center has the technology, training, and experts who can get this done for you. Whether you have neck pain or back pain, we have a particular system of care ready for you. It is better than anything you have ever tried. The success rate of this method of treatment in our centers has been greater than 95%. It is ONLY possible with our NSD Therapy. The methods of treatment via the NSD Therapy protocols are our secret weapon against neck pain and back pain.

NSD Therapy is much more than treatment or procedures provided on the sophisticated RxDecom®. It incorporates specialized physiotherapy, rehabilitation and chiropractic systems of spine care in addition to technology.

NSD Therapy works because it increases the nutrient content of a disc. With increased availability of nutrient, the damaged discs and joints can get repaired at rates far better than ever before. Nutrients go into the spinal disc and make new disc cells only if the pressure in the disc is low. If no nutrients then no new disc cells and the disc wears out: leading to bulging, slipped discs and pain.

Those who know their science understand the importance of internal disc pressure and the inward diffusion of nutrients and how it affects the repair of the damaged disc cells. Today, scientific research has documented, through MRIs the reversal of disc degeneration and herniations as a direct result of decompression therapy.

Your disc can heal, you don’t need surgery.