NSD Therapy® repairs slipped disc non-invasively. Opt for our neck pain, back pain, spondylosis, sciatica, leg pain, and arm pain treatments through advanced technology and methods if you are Tired of living with the illness! Opt for NSD Therapy® today at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. We are Malaysia’s premier spine, joint, and sports injuries treatment center.

NSD Therapy® Can Repair The Root-Causes of Your Slipped Disc

Chiropractic Specialty Center® treats slip-disc, neck, and back pain through advanced methods. This article will tell you how and why NSD Therapy® repairs slipped discs without surgery or injections. Please feel free to share with friends on social media. Far too many live with neck pain and back pain. Please help us get the word out of efficient natural methods that fix and cure neck pain, back pain, and slipped disc. Best of all, NSD treatments are not painful.

NSD Therapy® treatments are provided through the clinical efforts of chiropractors combined with physiotherapists. Best of all, the collaborative care they provide is enriched with advanced spinal decompression therapy. NSD Therapy® Treatment is the best and most effective non-surgical spine care in the world today. It is a multi-pronged method of spine care delivered through integrative methods. Each session can comprise 6-9 different chiropractic, physiotherapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitative treatments.

Our goals are to undo the damage. The only means of accomplishing that is through NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy repairs slipped discs through targeted treatments of the damaged tissue within. In other words, it targets the root cause. RxDecom® makes NSD Therapy® possible. Before administering NSD Therapy®, our chiropractors will thoroughly examine and evaluate your condition. MRI, CT, or X-rays may be required.

How Is NSD Therapy® Administered?

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the only center licensed to perform the best non-surgical slipped disc treatment. Learn how NSD Therapy® is administered. In this section, we will cover how NSD Therapy® is Administered. 

Before your first NSD session, our clinical teams need to assess your condition thoroughly. An accurate diagnosis is made, and we have determined that you are a candidate for non-surgical decompression therapy. You will be able to undergo NSD Therapy® Treatment and be on your way to achieving better health. Keep the goal in mind: NSD Therapy® repairs slipped disc Non-Surgically.

Before the therapeutic session starts, our team will enter all your information about your condition, the diagnosis, information from MRIs, CTs, or X-rays, etc., into the NSD Therapy® software. This revolutionary software was created to calculate, monitor, and administer each session through a series of complex and sophisticated algorithms. It monitors patients more than hundreds of times per second, making the already safe NSD Therapy® technology even safer.

NSD Therapy® Treatment Is The Combination Of Technology (RxDecom®) & Expert Clinical Care From Physiotherapist & Chiropractors.

This combination makes NSD Therapy® Treatments a system of attention that is superior to all others. NSD Therapy® is extraordinarily focused and specialized. Our doctors of chiropractic and physiotherapists can even care for and treat the most severe of conditions.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the only one that is capable of rendering NSD Therapy® treatments in Malaysia. No other center or clinic has the expertise or training needed for NSD Therapy® Treatment. If you have been told to live with back and neck pain, we can help. If you have had neck or back surgery and still experience pain, call us today and opt for non-surgical treatments that repair and fix the actual damage instead of covering up the pain. NSD Therapy® gets rid of the actual cause of your pain, don't settle for less.