Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy By NSD Therapy® In Malaysia

There are many types of spinal decompression therapy in Malaysia. NSD Therapy® methods of spinal decompression therapy have proven most effective in fixing slipped discs; contact a CSC clinic today!

Clinical Neck And Back Treatments With Spinal Decompression Therapy 

Disc Decompression Therapy is the most effective conservative method of treating neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, slipped disc, scoliosis, and nerve pain. Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) was the first clinic in Malaysia to offer spinal decompression therapy. In 2006, we provided decompression through the DTS. In 2009, we upgraded to the RxDecom®. The change over to the RxDecom® occurred so we could provide NSD Therapy®. The treatments provided by the RxDecom® are the heart of NSD Therapy® methods of the neck, back, and slip disc treatment methods. The RxDecom® was a requirement for the NSD Therapy® system of spinal disc treatment as it is superior to other forms.

The RxDecom® was a game-changer for us. It enabled us to achieve clinical results better than traction therapy. In fact, through the RxDecom®, we were able to reverse even severe slipped disc cases. As provided through the NSD Therapy® protocols, spinal decompression therapy is significantly superior to the other forms of treatment. It is the most comprehensive non-surgical treatment for the spine. NSD Therapy® protocols for spinal disc treatment are through a multi-faceted system of integrative treatments.

The spinal disc therapy you get in our centers is through the collaborative efforts of chiropractors and physiotherapists. Best of all, the treatments you get are painless. Don't settle for less; get the best spinal decompression therapy in Malaysia that fixes slip discs without surgery or injections.  

Are there Differences Between Therapy Devices For Neck & Back Pain?

Spinal decompression therapy provides a better method of decompressing the spinal discs than traction. The best method of spinal decompression is the NSD Therapy® systems of care. Other methods of spinal decompression therapy may not be able to fix and repair a slipped disc. NSD Therapy® has proven effective in fixing slip-discs as an alternative to spine surgery.

Traction therapy can reduce the pain of mild mechanical joint issues. But, not it comes to spinal disc damage such as disc degenerations, disc bulge, disc herniation, protruded disc, or extruded disc. In fact, traction can worsen a slipped disc. Yes, it can turn a small slipped disc (disc bulge) into severe disc issues such as an extruded disc or fragmented disc.

We don't understand why some hospitals are still offering this outdated spinal care method to the slipped disc patients. If you have a slipped disc and the therapy center insists on traction, call us. Traction therapy can harm you more. Opt for the best means of non-surgical treatment. NSD Therapy® offers the best spinal disc treatments. NSD Therapy® fixes and repairs slipped discs without surgery. Best of all, it is inclusive of chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, and targeted exercise programs. In short, it is the most comprehensive method of conservative treatment.

Are There Differences Between Spinal Therapy Methods?

There are numerous methods of spinal decompression methods. In fact, nowadays, traction therapy devices are being marketed as spinal decompression therapy. You will need to do your homework before opting for care at the various centers in Malaysia. CSC clinics offer the best system of spinal decompression therapy. No other center offers a better method or superior technology to our centers' devices and methods. There are various distinguishing characteristics between the average and the best therapy devices.

The simplest of these for a layperson is the Hi-lo function. The Hi-lo function of proper or advanced decompression therapy devices enables doctors and physiotherapists to position a patient of the device with little to no effort on the patient's part. Patients with slipped discs should avoid bending, twisting, or tilting at the waist. These measures are needed to prevent further injury or damage to the already problematic spinal disc. Superior decompression devices have taken note of these issues by enabling patient positioning through mechanized or robotic means. As such, irritation of damaged tissue is avoided, and the benefits you get for the treatment are superior to others.

To conclude, the best spinal decompression therapy treatment method is at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Contact CSC today to experience advanced spinal decompression therapy in Malaysia through NSD Therapy®.