Best Neck And Back Pain Treatment In Malaysia

CSC’s corrective neck and back pain treatment from our chiropractors & physiotherapists is the best alternative to spine surgery. 

Neck and back pain treatment at our center is through our corrective chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists' combined efforts—the majority of spine patients present with simultaneous pains in the neck and their back.

To recover fully, they need focused treatments for their neck and end at the same time. Moreover, treatments need targeting to fix and repair the root causes of neck and back pain. That is where our experts come. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively treat the most severe neck and back pain without the need for drugs, injections, or surgery.

What Is The Best Treatment For The Neck And Back Pain?

Our neck pain and back pain in Malaysia is comprehensive. Our methods work better because we are better at it than the competing centers. The clinical teams of Chiropractic Specialty Center® are experts in identifying the actual cause of neck and back pain. Once the cause is identified or diagnosed, we start fixing your neck and back. Best of all, our neck and back pain treatment is natural and non-invasive. In other words, you recover without surgery or injection.

Back and neck pain can become severe and disabling. In fact, disability from back pain, neck pain, and scoliosis-related disorders are at all-time levels for those under 50. In short, back pain and neck pain are at epidemic levels. Our advice is not neglected even the most insignificant neck pain or back issues. Please consult one of our non-surgical experts for advice and treatment as an alternative to drugs, injections, or spine surgery. We are the premier spine, joint, and sports injury treatment center in Malaysia. Please put your trust in our clinical teams of chiropractors and physical therapists. We have the skills, knowledge, and advanced spine technology to help your speedy recovery. Let our teams provide you with a better healing program for back pain and neck issues today.

What Is NSD Therapy®?

Get your neck pain and back pain treatment in Malaysia through the advanced non-surgical methods of NSD Therapy®. Neglect of minor neck and back issues is the primary reason why so many have a slipped discs. Slipped disc in the neck or back is exceedingly common. The common cause for a slipped disc is premature wear and tear of spinal discs and spinal joints.  

What Causes A Slipped Disc?

Poor posture, prolonged sitting, and ignoring minor neck or back issues are the leading cause of a slipped disc. Spinal discs are tough fibrous bands that bear the body's weight and allows for mobility. Spinal disc damage occurs when stresses accumulate. Accumulated stress causes a decrease in the inward flow of blood flow to the spinal disc.

There are catastrophic effects associated with decreased diffusion (inward flow) of nutrients into the vertebral disc. It starts to wear out. This wear and tear are the leading cause of neck pain as well as back pain. Neck and back pain is widespread, and with our sedentary lifestyles, they are about to become even more widespread.

According to studies from the United States of America, spine conditions (neck and back disorders) will soon be epidemic levels. No one is immune. Therefore, we encourage you to opt for our targeted neck and back pain treatment as quickly as possible. It is far easier to fix minor issues.

What Is The Leading Cause Of Neck And Back Pain?

The rise in neck pain and back pain is directly related to our lifestyles. We sit for extended periods too often. Sitting is now being compared to smoking. Prolonged sitting is said to be worse than smoking. If this is true, what of the smokers with jobs requiring them to sit for long periods?

Well, whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker sitting for extended periods will damage your back. The damage is from the premature wearing of discs and joints. The good news is that damaged discs or neck and back pain treatment is possible without surgery.

Neck And Back Pain Treatments At Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the premier center for neck and back pain treatment in Malaysia. Our expertise and advanced spine technology are superior to competing centers. Whether you have neck pain or back pain, we have a particular system of care ready for you. It is better than anything you have ever tried. The success rate of this method of neck and back pain treatment is higher than 95%, made possible through NSD Therapy®. The treatment methods via the NSD Therapy® protocols are our secret weapon in neck and back pain treatment.

NSD Therapy® is much more than treatment or procedures provided on the sophisticated RxDecom®. It incorporates specialized physiotherapy, rehabilitative exercise programs, and chiropractic systems of spine care in addition to technology.

NSD Therapy® works because it increases the nutrient content of a disc. Our clinical teams fix and repair neck and back pain through NSD Therapy® treatment. CSC's methods work better because it enables faster repair. Faster repair occurs because NSD Therapy® treatment increases nutrient availability; the damaged discs and joints can get repaired at rates far better than ever before.

Nutrients go into the spinal disc and make new disc cells only if the disc's pressure is low. If no nutrients, then no new disc cells, and the disc wears out: leading to bulging, slipped discs, and pain.

Impact Of Blood Flow To Spinal Joints & Spinal Discs In Spine Patients

Those who know their science understand the importance of internal disc pressure and the inward diffusion of nutrients and how it affects repairing the damaged disc cells. Today, scientific research has documented, through MRIs, the reversal of disc degeneration and herniations as a direct result of decompression therapy.

Your disc can heal; you don’t need surgery. Call us today. We provide the best and most comprehensive neck and back pain treatment in Malaysia as an alternative to spine surgery or injections.