The Best Corrective Back Pain Treatment In Malaysia.

CSC offers the best back pain treatment in Malaysia to make you feel better today! Let our experts help you live a healthy, active life; we can help!

Advanced Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment In Malaysia

You can now get corrective back pain treatment in Malaysia without injections or surgery. Corrective back pain treatment is possible when the actual cause of your backache is fixed and repaired.

Back pain is the leading cause of disability and pain for Malaysians today. Prolonged sitting, lack of physical activity, and neglect of minor aches or pains are the reasons why so many live with moderate or severe backaches. Chiropractic Specialty Center® believes in empowering your life towards better health. Therefore, we have provided the information you need to get your back feeling great again on this page.

Moreover, we will inform you about the various options you have for back pain treatment in Malaysia. Should you have a question or concern, know that we are a simple call away. So, let's get started on the types and causes of back pain.

NSD Therapy Methods of back pain treatment in Malaysia

Tight Muscles & Painful Back

Tight muscles or muscle spasms can cause stiffness, discomfort, and pain. Muscle spasms in the back are common. However, on rarer occasions, the muscle spasm is the main or only cause of back pain. If the muscle spasm is the main culprit, a simple rubbing of the areas should be sufficient to make the pain go away and stay away. On the other hand, if the pain keeps coming back, the muscle spasm may not be the main cause of your stiff or aching back. Muscle spasms are common in slipped discs, scoliosis, sciatica, and spondylolisthesis.

Back Pain & Back Stiffness

There are differences between back pain and back stiffness. Back pain can be acute or chronic. We have covered both acute and chronic back pain in the next section. Back stiffness, on the other hand, is different from acute or chronic back pain or aches. A stiff back is the result of degenerative changes in ligamentous or muscular tonicity. For example, when the ligamentum flavum is tight or thickened, the back will be stiff.

Ligamentum Flavum is a specialized soft tissue that functions as a muscle and a ligament. The muscular function allows the back to straighten up following bending motions. The ligamentous function is through the connection it provides to spinal bones above and below. A thickened ligamentum flavum can become dangerous. Excessive thicken leads to shrinkage in the spinal canal, causing nerve and spinal cord compression.

Other causes of the stiff back are degenerative changes in the joints of the back. The joints of the spine are covered with cartilage. Healthy cartilage allows for smooth gliding of the joints. The smooth gliding function of cartilage is made possible by the joint lubricant (synovial fluids). Synovial fluids are the main sources of nutrients for cartilage and joints.  Diminished synovial fluids lead to degeneration of the cartilage and eventual loss of mobility.

How To Relief A Stiff Back?

The first thing that needs to do is to identify the reason for the stiffness. Suppose the stiffness results from a thickening ligamentum flavum, specialized treatment such as shockwave therapy, laser therapy, sound wave therapy, and Activator chiropractic adjustment methods are needed. A thicken ligamentum flavum can worsen with rotatory chiropractic treatments or those given through Tit-Tar or bonesetters.

Suppose the stiffness results from degrative changes in joints or cartilage, therapies and customized exercises specific for a stiff back can help.  The best method of stopping a stiff back is mobility that doesn’t aggravate the joint or tissues. With this in mind, walking is the best exercise to beat a stiff back. Walking for 30 minutes daily at a decent speed will help loosen your joints and improve nutrients' flow into joints, muscles, ligaments, and spinal discs. If walking provides little to no help, contact our clinical teams. We have the best and most efficient method of fixing a stiff back fast.

Acute Back Pain Versus Chronic Back Pain

Acute back pain is the result of inflammatory changes in your back. Inflammation (swelling) can occur in muscles, ligaments, joints, spinal discs, or spinal nerves. Inflammatory processes are harmful events that cause damage to tissues. Therefore, an acute back pain attack or an inflamed back can have complications lasting years.

Injuries to the spine frequently cause acute back pain. It results from a slip and falls, repeated bending and twisting, or aggravating a pre-existing back condition.  Neglect of an acute episode can lead to chronic back pain.  Here is a list of the most common types of acute back pain:

  • Sprain/strain injury
  • Posterior facet pain or inflammation
  • Slipped disc

The danger of acute back pain is that it can cause severe damage to joints and spinal nerves. Nerve damage is the leading cause of disability. Therefore, you should get your acute back pain assessed and treated as soon as possible. Getting the proper care is essential to the avoidance of greeter back problems later in life.

On the other hand, chronic back pain results from neglecting acute back pain that subsides to a lesser degree of pain and stiffness after some time. If your acute back pain subsides but never fully goes away, it may become a recurrent back problem. Recurrent back problems are the main causes of chronic backaches. Chronic back problems are dangerous as they are signs of continual and progressive degenerative changes. Continual degenerative changes lead to wear and tear of nerves and joints. They are the leading causes of disability due to nerve damage.

Nerve damage is a common occurrence in patients with chronic back pain: nerve compression or nerve impingement is the most common cause of nerve damage. Therefore, avoid further complications with your back and opt for holistic treatment that fixes and repairs the root cause of your back pain.

What Is The Best Treatment For Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Chronic low back pain is the leading cause of disability. Sciatica and slipped discs are the most common causes of chronic lower back pain. In addition, chronic back pain patients often complain of weakness, numbness, tingling in one or both legs. Some may even have reproductive disorders or an inability to control balder or bowels.

NSD Therapy® was specifically created to treat all types of back pain. Acute back pain and chronic back pain respond better to NSD Therapy than medication, injections, or surgery. NSD Therapy® aims to fix and repair the damage to muscles, ligaments, spinal discs, and spinal joints. No other method of therapy or treatment is as comprehensive as NSD Therapy® for chronic back pain.

NSD Therapy® should be the only treatment option if you suffer from acute or chronic neck or back pain. Chiropractic and physiotherapy alone are not enough.

Visi us today and get treated by the best chiropractors in Kuala Lumpur today. Our methods and technology are better than the competing centers.

Why Is NSD Therapy® Better Than Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Combined?

Chiropractic and physiotherapy alone are not enough for chronic or severe neck and back pains. In addition, competing centers often provide ineffective therapies for those in need of specialized back treatment.

A chronic back pain needs an advanced set of skills and specialized therapeutic devices. That is where NSD Therapy® comes. Even if you go to the best chiropractor in your town, NSD Therapy® yields better results. The same holds for acute neck pain, stiff neck, or chronic neck pain. NSD Therapy® is better than any other form of conservative spine care. The main reason for its superiority is the comprehensiveness of the care it provides. We have provided the essential component of NSD Therapy® here:

  • Shockwave therapy
  • High-Intensity Laser Therapy
  • Spinal decompression therapy by the RxDecom
  • Spinal decompression therapy through DTS decompression
  • Cryotheramal therapy via Qmed cryotheramal therapy device
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • ELectrotherapy
  • High-intensity laser therapy
  • Flexion-distraction therapy
  • Spinercise® therapy and exercises specifically for your condition
  • Targeted chiropractic adjustment (non-rotatory chiropractic treatments)
  • Customized home exercises
  • Nutrition and supplements

The main features are the spinal decompression by the RxDecom® and the non-rotatory chiropractic treatments. Acute and chronic back pains that result from degenerative changes or tears of muscles, ligaments, or spinal discs are better treated through non-rotatory chiropractic treatments. The Gonstead methods and the Diversified techniques in chiropractic rotate the patients too much. This level of rotation can further aggravate the condition. Moreover, the Gonstead and DIversifed methods should be avoided in all patients that suffer from sciatica, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and slipped discs.

Spinal decompression therapy is better through the RxDecom®. Traction therapy and traction-like therapy devices such as the DTS lack the technological advances needed to target specific spine segments properly. The inability to target specific spinal segments is one reason why spinal decompression by the RxDecom® alone is a component of NSD Therapy. Traction and traction-like therapies are also too aggressive in their destructive pulls. The combination of aggravated therapy and lack of targeting is another example of why NSD Therapy® is better.

How To Treat An Inflamed & Painful Back?

Acute back pain results from inflammation of tissues, joints, nerves, or spinal discs. An inflamed back is a painful back. The best method of treating an inflamed back at home is icing.

Ice your back for 15-minutes every 1 to 2 hours if you have injured your back and want a simple tip to help alleviate the pain and avoid worsening. Put ice in a bag, wrap the bag in a cotton cloth, place on your back or the painful area for 15-minutes, repeat every 60-90 minutes for maximum impact. Icing the back is the simplest, fastest, and most efficient means of getting your backache under control.

CSC treats all types of back pain. Our clinical teams are the experts you need for sciatica, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, bulging & herniated discs (slipped discs), patients without surgery or injections. Contact CSC today for the best corrective back pain treatment program in Malaysia to schedule your consultation today.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Back Pain?

There are numerous reasons why one gets backaches. However, the most common causes are problematic. Our center provides advanced back pain treatment methods in Malaysia for the spinal discs, muscles, joints, and hypertrophied ligamentum flavum. The purest form of back pain is a muscle spasm. These are self-limiting for the most part. However, chronic or recurrent muscle spasms are signs of more profound or sinister issues. In other words, if you frequently experience muscle spasms, you could be having a ligament, joint, or spinal disc issue.

Ligament, joint, and spinal disc issues are common causes of nerve root irritations that lead to back pain. In the spine, a critical ligament is the Ligamentum Flavum. Once damaged, it hypertrophies or thickens. A hypertrophied ligamentum flavum causes abnormalities in joints, spinal discs, and muscles. In addition, thickening or hypertrophy of spinal canal ligaments compresses the spinal cord and spinal nerves. 

However, other ligaments play a critical role in keeping your back healthy. The function of a ligament is to connect bones. So when it comes to the spine, the most critical ligament in your spine is the spinal disc. The intervertebral spinal disc is a shock absorber, weight-bearer, and central point, allowing mobility. A damaged spinal disc is the leading cause of slip-disc (bulging disc, herniated disc, protruded disc, or prolapsed disc). Other ligaments include those that attach to the joints of the spine. These are called encapsulating ligaments or joint ligaments.

Your spinal joint is also a source of back pain. A joint in the spine is called a "facet." The joint (facet) of the spinal bone (vertebrae) below connects to the facet above. This connection is through ligaments. The joint ligament in the spine is connected to the ligament within the canal (Ligamentum Flavum). Repetitive motions, injuries, and poor posture can cause the joint ligament to thicken. Facet ligament (spinal joint ligament) thickening is the leading cause of spinal joint degeneration. The degenerative changes within the joint and the thickening of the ligaments are the sole culprits. When they occur simultaneously, it is called facet hypertrophy. A "facet hypertrophy" or degeneration of the spinal joint and spinal ligament is a common back pain source.

Muscle, Ligament, Joint & Spinal Disc Links To An Aching Back

Joint ligaments provide stability during movements and weight-bearing activities. Individuals in occupations requiring prolonged sitting have weaknesses in ligaments that surround the spinal joints. If a ligament issue is not corrected, it leads to joint degeneration. Spinal joint degeneration is the leading cause of bone spurs or arthritis. The arthritic formations or bone-spurs can pinch nerves, causing varying degrees of pain in the back or down the legs. Our physiotherapists and chiropractors are the experts you need to recover from muscle, joint, or ligament issues that cause back pain. We offer the best non-surgical back pain treatment in Malaysia.

Neglect of minor back issues can lead to nerve pain. Nerve pain occurs when bonny misalignments pinch spinal nerves, slipped discs, or arthritis (bone spurs). Regardless of the cause, our corrective back pain treatment in Malaysia can fix and repair the damaged tissue without surgery or injections. Spine surgery involves cutting. The long-term outlook for neck or back surgery is questionable. The latest research from the United States has confirmed high failure rates in surgical interventions for the spine.

Get in touch with us about our back treatment methods and programs. Here at CSC, we offer the best holistic back pain treatment in Malaysia. Best of all, the care you get fixes & repairs the cause of your backache; call us now for lasting relief!

Illustration of back pain in need of treatment

Best Self-Help Tip For Back Pain Sufferers?

The first thing you need to do is to avoid prolonged sitting. However, if your job requires you to sit, take repeated breaks. So, get up and stretch or walk around for 3-5 minutes every hour. A few simple targeted stretches and 100-200 meters of walking can significantly reduce stress on your muscles, ligaments, joints, and spinal discs. If these simple self-help tips don't do the trick, you need a professional to diagnose your back pain accurately. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has the experts you need for diagnosing back issues and providing expert back pain treatment in Malaysia. Our targeted corrective methods will fix and repair the actual cause of your back pain.

To recover from back pain, you need an accurate diagnosis. In other words, the actual cause of the pain needs identification. For example, chronic or recurrent back pain results from muscle, ligament, joint, and disc issues. Our doctors of chiropractic are the best experts to assess the cause of your backache accurately. Your back pain treatment starts once we have identified the cause of your backache.

The chiropractors and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Center® work cooperatively. In short, you get the best of both chiropractic and physiotherapy during each session. In addition, advanced therapy devices and technologies are specific to the spine form the foundations of our corrective back pain treatment in Malaysia.

woman with irresistible back pain

The Impact Of Breakthrough Therapy Devices Specific For Backache

Innovative technologies redefine physiotherapy (physical therapy) and chiropractic back pain treatment in Malaysia, giving patients much better outcomes than others.

While the general physiotherapy (physical therapy) treatment does provide some relief, combined treatments by chiropractors and physical therapists are better. Incorporating advanced spine technology, coupled with chiropractic and physical therapy, is the most superior form of non-surgical back care.

Technological advances have started seeing high adoption levels in the field. Laser technologies, shockwave therapy, RxDecom® (non-surgical spinal decompression therapy), and exercise machines such as the Spinercise® and FD3000™ are establishing themselves as practical tools for speeding up the healing process and giving patients better outcomes than ever before. Chiropractic Specialty Center® was the first to implement these devices through NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® is the most advanced form of back pain treatment in Malaysia.

We offer holistic back pain treatment at CSC through manual and therapy devices that target damaged tissue for corrections. Therapy devices such as the RxDecom®, Laser therapy, flexion-distraction therapy & shockwave are essential in repairing your back.

Let Malaysia’s Top Non-Surgical Back Specialists Heal Your Backache Today!

Lower back pain is a common complaint. It is the number one complaint presenting in urgent care centers. Back pain is the leading cause of lost productivity and disability in persons under the age of 45.

The worst part of having a painful neck and back is not doing the things you love. If you have been experiencing back pain: Relax; we’ve got your back! Even if your pain is severe or if others have failed, we can help! Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments you get from us are focused on the root causes of your health issues. It gets to the roots of your back pain.

Our centers offer useful collaborative neck, back, joint, and sports injury treatments for all ages and lifestyles. Even expecting mothers with back pain can get relief at our center. Our pregnancy back pain treatment is the safest and most holistic method of conservative treatment in Malaysia. Call us now to start your recovery from back pain today. At the Chiropractic Specialty Center®, you get more than just chiropractic treatment. 

infographic on cause of back pain and disc degeneration due to sitting

Key Technologies Are Redefining The Back Pain Treatment In Malaysia

The most advantageous of all therapy devices for back pain is spinal decompression therapy, as provided by the RxDecom®. No other therapy device or method has achieved the clinical the RxDecom® (spinal decompression therapy) device has had with back pain treatment in Malaysia. It is just that simple. However, the RxDecom® is only one component of getting your back pain under control. Patients with back pain also suffer from muscles, ligaments, and joint issues. The RxDecom® is specific for the joints and spinal discs. Muscles and ligament issues in chronic back pain sufferers also in need of corrective care.

Various technologically advanced modalities are best suited for soft tissue damage and injuries present in most back pain patients. The best of these are High-Instity Laser Therapy (HILT) and extracorporal shockwave therapy (ESWT).

Shockwave Therapy Fixes & Repairs Damaged Spinal Tissues Best

Shockwave therapy can be used to enhance the results of your back pain treatment program significantly. Through this technology, your physical therapists can apply ESWT (Shockwave Therapy) over an injured area. The effect is heating, stimulating cellular and tissue repair.

Research suggests that ESWT or shockwave therapy will provide patients with relief from chronic and acute back pain. The shockwave, however, doesn’t treat all of the underlying damage. It is an excellent supportive technology often offered in combination with other therapy devices and manual physical therapy treatments. In short, for thorough recovery, opt for targeted collaborative and integrative practices. The best integrative approach to spine and joint care is through centers that treat patients collaboratively through physical therapy, chiropractic, and advanced technology. Call Chiropractic Specialty Center® today to get the best back pain treatment in Malaysia.

treatment that is an alternative to spine surgery for a slipped disc in Malaysia

Benefits Of Advanced Technology In Non-surgical Treatment Of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Backaches & Back Injuries

While physical therapy is a great option, some conditions need more than standard physical therapy or physiotherapy. For example, if you have back pain, you need physical therapy combined with chiropractic and advanced spine technology for lasting relief. To summarize, there are no shortcuts or a single method of care that can cure, fix, or repair your back pain. Back pain treatment in Malaysia that helps with full recovery is possible only with targeted corrective therapies.

The same holds for the scoliotic spine. The definition of scoliosis is a side bending of the spine that progresses as one gets older. Unfortunately, standard physiotherapy or physical therapy treatments have failed to reverse or stop the progression of scoliosis.

However, physical therapists and chiropractors' collaborative therapies through advanced technology have significantly reduced scoliosis. The next section will share information on sciatica treatments, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and other spine disorders that cause backaches.

Ultrasound Therapy Enhances Rate Of Recovery By Undoing The Damage Within Muscles & Ligaments

Ultrasound machines, electric muscle stimulators, shockwave therapy, RxDecom®, Spinercise® have proven vastly successful for the non-surgical back pain treatment in Malaysia. We succeed when others fail! Chiropractic Specialty Center® procedures are corrective. In other words, we fix the actual cause of back pain, neck pain, slipped disc, scoliosis, and joint pain. Visit us today for comprehensive non-surgical options that others do not provide.

Ultrasound machines, for example, operate at a low frequency, and physical therapists can use them to enhance the elasticity of connective tissues. Electric muscle stimulation is often administered alongside physiotherapy exercises to give patients quicker results. Electrical stimulation or Interferential Current Therapy (IFT) is a physiotherapy device that applies specialized forms of soothing electric current to a specific body part. The therapy reduces stiffness, decreases pain, diminishes swelling, enhances muscular elasticity, and promotes faster healing to an injured or inflamed area.

Chiropractor treating back pain patient on the RxDecom

RxDecom®: Breakthrough Spine Technology For Back Pain Treatment In Malaysia

The RxDecom® machine is an innovative spine technology specific for neck pain and back pain. It is the best system for spinal decompression therapy in Malaysia today. It is particularly beneficial for back pain treatment in Malaysia. The use of RxDecom® increased blood flow to spinal joints spinal soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and spinal discs) in a manner that was not possible before. Increased blood to spinal discs, spinal joints, muscles, and ligaments is essential in a speedier and lasting recovery. In addition, physical therapists (physiotherapists) can administer personalized treatment based on age, weight, height, and diagnosis severity through the RxDecom®.

The RxDecom® is at the center of NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® is a multipronged spinal therapy method that includes laser therapy, shockwave therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, flexion-distraction therapy, manual forms of physical medicine 9physiotherapy, and physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. It is the most comprehensive neck and back pain treatment method in Malaysia. NSD Therapy® gets rid of your pain through advanced mythologies enriched by technology. Get the best lower back treatment in Malaysia today by calling our center now. We have seven locations.

The Scope Of Possibilities Is Limitless When It Comes To Treating Backache Holistically

As mentioned above, the treatment represents a fraction of the innovation that can heal back pain without invasive procedures such as steroidal injections or spine surgery. 

Advanced therapy devices or technologies are improving every aspect of back pain treatment today. In short, it is making physical therapy and chiropractic care safer, faster, and much more versatile. So, seek treatment from chiropractors and physical therapists that adopt new tech and opts for a personalized approach to ensure corrective care and not just symptom relief. Call Chiropractic Specialty Center® at 03 2093 1000 and schedule an appointment. Get the best back pain treatment in Malaysia today!

FAQs On Best Back Pain Treatment Options For Faster Relief

How to get rid of back pain fast?

The best way of eliminating back pain is to avoid activities and postures that cause pain. I think the back helps reduce swelling in your spinal joints or tissues that surround your spinal joints and provide pain relief by releasing your body's natural pain killers known as endorphins. In most instances, I sing you back for 10 to 15 minutes every two to three hours can help minimize and, at times, eliminate back pain. When I sing your back, make sure to wrap the ice pack with a cloth before placing it on your back to avoid ice burns. Also, use a timer and avoid icing your back for longer than 15 minutes. Additionally, it would help avoid icing your back sooner than once every two hours.

Is chiropractic care good or better than physiotherapy for back pain?

Chiropractic and physiotherapy are two of the best treatment methods for patients with back pain. Chiropractic in physiotherapy is the safest and most effective form of treatment for patients with all types of back disorders, including the slipped disc and those suffering from sciatica. Get your back pain treated with chiropractic care that combines physiotherapy during the same session for best results.

How long will it take to recover from back pain?

Simple back pain it's self-limiting and may not need treatments. Recurrent or chronic back pain will need assessment to identify the root cause. Recovery from a chronic back disorder can take one to three weeks for appropriate treatment. Recovery from back pain caused by a slipped disc can take four to six weeks with precision treatments that target the damaged spinal disc.

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