Sciatica Treatment in Malaysia To Cure The Sciatic Nerve Pain

Get the best sciatic nerve pain and sciatica treatment in Malaysia. No injection or surgery. Holistic advanced methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy combined with CSC’s breakthrough spine technology.

Sciatic Nerve and Sciatica

What Are The Causes Of Sciatica & Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatica is a medical condition where the sciatic nerve becomes irritated and causes pain. The sciatic nerve is a collection of nerves that emerge from the lowest part of the spine. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve. It originates from the lower back and travels through the gluteal (buttocks) to make its way towards the thigh and leg. Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best sciatica treatment in Malaysia. However, before we provide information on procedures of sciatica, lets' cover what sciatica is?

Fibers from five spinal nerves on each side of the spine come together from spinal segments of L4-S3 to form the sciatic nerve. Compression of nerves at L4, L5, S1, S2, or S3 can lead to symptomatic or painful sensations known as sciatica. However, sciatica also results when compressed at the buttocks. Muscle spasms at the buttocks, specifically the piriformis muscle, are a known cause of sciatica.

In essence, once the nerve has been compressed and aggravated, it starts to send signals of pain. The severity of pain varies from individual to individual. For example, some people note mild pain while others have a more severe form. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Sciatica?

Symptoms of sciatica are not always focused on the back alone! The nerve goes all the way down the leg. Therefore, you can expect numbness, tingling, pain, burning sensations, or weakness from your back all the way down to your toes. To familiarize you better, we have included common causes of sciatica below:

• Disc bulge, herniated disc, disc protrusions, prolapsed disc, disc fragmentation, or extruded disc (better known as slip-disc or slipped disc)
Narrowing of the Spinal Canal
• Foraminal Stenosis
• Infections
• Tumors in the Spine
• Spondylolisthesis
Thickening of Spinal Ligaments
Facet Hypertrophy
• Cauda Equina Syndrome
• Fractures
Worne our spinal discs (Degenerative Disc Disease)

Most Common Symptoms Of Sciatica Include:

Back Pain
Pain or Discomfort in Legs
• Numbness in the Leg
• Tingling in Leg
• Weakness in Foot or Leg

Ignoring or neglect sciatica can lead to paralysis. We encourage all sciatic pain patients to seek treatments as soon as possible. Sciatica treatment in Malaysia is better at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Call us now at 03 2093 1000 to learn about our non-surgical methods that fix and repair sciatica's actual cause without surgery or injection.

Is Spine Surgery A Good Option For The Sciatic Nerve Pain?

When it comes to the spine, surgery is the last option! There are far too many complications associated with spine surgery. Even if you opt for the best hospital and the best surgeons, you risk surgical failures and complications. At times, complications and failures cause more pain than the original problem. It is far better for you to opt for non-surgical sciatica treatment in Malaysia.

One of the biggest worries associated with surgery is aggravation. Mishandling of the sciatic nerve during the surgery cause more significant issue, resulting in additional or severe symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms worsen, and that leads to severe pain. As a result, it's important to exhaust all non-surgical options with a specialist's help before moving towards a surgical procedure.

If you opt for surgical fusion, the risks are even higher. Recently published research in the United States reports spinal fusion failure rate at 76%!

Depending on the patient, surgery also exposes the body to potential allergic interactions. This happens based on the materials used during the procedure, and that's an additional risk being taken on by the patient.

Spine surgery has extended recovery time. It's important to realize the recovery phase associated with any surgical procedure. Whether it is a short or long procedure, there is invasive activity taking place, requiring time to heal. In such situations, the body can start to work against itself, complicating the healing process. Many experts recommend non-surgical options before having the surgeon operate on your spine.

For this reason, patients need to focus on a non-surgical sciatica treatment in Malaysia, a solution that's not as taxing on the body and isn't going to place it in harm's way.

Surgeon holding spine model to show Sciatica
Nerve pain caused by sciatica

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Nerve & Sciatic Pain?

Chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, herbalists, and other traditional and alternative caregivers all claim to have the best sciatica treatment in Malaysia. However, everyone can’t be the best for sciatica, can they?

Sciatica is descriptive of symptoms that result from nerve irritation. In short, it is nerve pain that comes about from a damaged nerve. To summarize, the best non-surgical treatment of sciatica is one where the actual cause of nerve damage or nerve irritation is addressed, repaired, reversed, and fixed. It is just that simple.

It would be hard to justify acupuncturists, herbalists, or massage therapists as the best caregivers. Each of these providers offers limited care at best. Chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy have shown more success in treatments of sciatica or sciatic nerve pain than all others combined. However, even then, chiropractic and physiotherapy alone have limitations.

CSC's clinical teams of physical therapists and top-rated chiropractors provide precision chiropractic and clinical physical therapy to cure the pain of sciatic nerve and sciatica in Malaysia; contact us today. 

Therefore, a combination of corrective chiropractic with physiotherapy is a better option when compared to chiropractic or physiotherapy. However, the best treatment for sciatica is through the integration of chiropractic, physiotherapy, nutrition, rehabilitation, and treatments via spine-specific devices such as the RxDecom® (spinal decompression therapy), Spinercise®, FD-3000™, and ESWT Shockwave Therapy. To date, the only system of care that combines all is known as NSD Therapy®.

What Are The Benefits Of NSD Therapy® For Nerve Pain & Sciatic Like Symptoms?

NSD Therapy® (Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy) is a multi-pronged spine care system that targets damaged tissue. It repairs and reverses damage to spinal discs, spinal muscles, spinal ligaments, and joints. NSD Therapy® is provided collaboratively through chiropractic physicians than surgery, injections, or medication combined. Best of all, it is natural, safe, and provided as an outpatient service. In other words, no hospital stays or prolonged recovery periods aftercare. 

It's always smart to opt for a non-invasive procedure when it comes to your spine. Sciatica is a unique condition and brings along with it a steep set of symptoms. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has an expert clinical team that treats sciatica with better results. We succeed when others fail. We have even helped many that surgery made worse. Getting rid of your sciatic pain is easy at CSC. Our methods of sciatica treatment in Malaysia are natural, safe, and effective.

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FAQs On Sciatica & How To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

What is the leading cause of sciatica?

Herniated, bulging, and extruded discs are the leading causes of sciatica and sciatica-like nerve pains. However, the most common cause is still a slipped disc or a bone spur, commonly known as arthritis of the spine. Secondary issues such as performance syndrome or spondylolisthesis are also known causes of sciatic nerve pain.

Is sciatica curable?

The sciatica pain is curable and reversible with therapy or treatment methods that target the cause of sciatic pain. In almost all instances, the pain of sciatica this caused by a herniated or bulging disc known as slipped discs. To recover with lasting relief, you need focused treatments and therapies that fix and repair the root causes of your sciatic pain. The best and most effective non-surgical method for sciatica treatment is with specialized forms of physiotherapy combined with non-rotatory chiropractic treatment methods. You should avoid the twisting or rotatory chiropractic treatment methods for patients with slipped discs or sciatica as they can cause more damage to the sciatic nerve, spinal joints, and spinal discs.

Can you still get sciatica if you don't have back pain?

According to published studies, sciatica (numbness, tingling, burning sensations, or pain at the back of the leg) is almost always caused by spinal disc disorders in the lower back. Back problems such as a slipped disc are the most common cause of sciatic nerve pain and sciatica. However, you can have a slipped disc in your lower back and not feel any pain in the back. So, yes, you can have sciatica without having back pain. Moreover, it would help if you always check your back when you have sciatica.