Best Slip-Disc Treatment For Disc Bulge, Herniation & Protrusion

CSC provides holistic alternatives to spine surgery with corrective slip-disc treatment that repairs spinal disc damage for all types of slipped disc conditions; contact us now for lasting relief!

Slip disc is a loose term used for bulging, herniated, protruded prolapsed, and extruded discs. The majority of slip disc patients can recover without surgery if they get focused treatments to repair damaged spinal discs and issues with muscles, ligaments, spinal bones, and joints.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) offers the best slip-disc treatment in Malaysia. Our proven method of slip disc therapy is the perfect alternative to spine surgery. We have treated thousands of slip-disc patients successfully. 

What Is A Slip-Disc and How To Treat It Without Surgery Or Injections?

Slip disc refers to the rupturing and protrusion of tissue (spinal disc) between the vertebral bones in your spinal column. The spinal disc is the connector, separator, and shock absorber of the spine. More importantly, it is the fulcrum that provides mobility and movement. In short, a slip-disc is a damaged spinal disc where the fibers have slipped (bulged, herniated, protruded, or prolapsed) through compressing the spinal cord, thecal sac (housing of the spinal cord), or spinal nerves.

A slip-disc is common clinical findings in patients with neck pain or back pain

Back pain, leg pain, neck pain, upper back pain, and arm pain patients should thoroughly be assessed for bulging or herniated discs. A herniated or bulging disc is treatable. However, treatments must be targeted and tissue-specific. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is Malaysia's best non-surgical treatment facility for neck, back, or slipped disc patients. We like to share some information on spinal disc anatomy and structure before explaining our slip-disc therapy options.

Slip disc causing back pain

Anatomy Of A Spinal Disc & Causes Of Disc Bulge Or Herniation

The spinal disc is a firm structure made of two main components: the annulus fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus. The stability of these two structures is vital to a healthy spine. The soft center is called the "nucleus," or nucleus pulposus. The nucleus is the heart of the spinal disc, allowing mobility, shock absorbance, and synthesizes the nutrient (compounds) that the spinal disc needs daily. On THE other hand, the outer ring of a disc is named the "annulus" or annulus fibrosus. The annulus forms vertebra-to-vertebra connection and corrals or maintains the nucleus in the center. Each spinal disc has 15-25 concentric rings of the annulus fibrosus firmly bound to each other. For the outer ring or annulus fibers to stay healthy, it needs a constant flow of nutrients from the nucleus.

How A Disc Slips, Bulges, Or Herniated?

Slip disc occurs when the nucleus is dehydrated or degenerated (weak). Once degenerated, the nucleus cannot provide the needed nutrient to the annulus, and as such, the annulus degenerates as well. A degenerated spinal disc is the leading factor in developing a slip-disc (bulging disc, herniated disc, protruded disc, or prolapsed disc).

A slip-disc is when the surrounding tissues of the spinal disc protrude or rupture through — concentric rings of the annulus fibrosus makeup the surrounding tissues of the nucleus. The pushing away of the annulus fibers results from degenerative changes that break the tightly bound fibers of the annulus, allowing them to slip or bulge through.

As soon as the disc bulges (herniates or slips), it pushes against the spinal nerves or spinal cord. Symptoms can vary,  including discomfort, pain, and even general numbness in the target area. In severe cases, it causes bowel and bladders issues, paralysis, erectile dysfunction, or impotence.

herniated disc, degenerated disc and slip-disc

Slip-Disc Treatment For Bulging, Herniated, Protruded & Prolapsed Spinal Disc?

The best methods of slip-disc treatment are those provided non-invasively. Steroidal injections are useless and even harmful. Also, spinal surgery fails too often. Conservative treatment of a slip-disc is better through corrective research-based chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nutritional supplements enriched with therapies on spinal disc-specific therapy devices. Treatment devices and technologies such as the RxDecom®, FD-3000@, Spinercise®, and ESWT Shockwave therapy are among the best modalities for slipped disc patients.

Corrective Research-Based Chiropractic For The Spinal Disc

Corrective research-based chiropractic differs from traditional chiropractic care. The typical or general chiropractic treatment improves spine mobility in general without targeting a specific structure or tissue. An example of the typical chiropractic treatment or general chiropractic care for the spine is where the patient lies on their side. The chiropractor provides a thrust into the spine's side to mobilize spinal segments. A "crack" or "popping" sound is typical with the side-posture chiropractic treatment. In short, corrective chiropractic slip disc treatment of the spine targets the actual damage within joints and discs.

Yes, it provides mobility and feels good. However, this side-lying treatment of the spine is not beneficial for the spinal disc—the twisting and turning of the spine causes more stress and damages the disc more. Corrective chiropractic treatment of a slipped disc is better accomplished through a precise low-force method delivered by the Activator. Research-based corrective chiropractic care goes several steps further than corrective chiropractic treatment. 

Slip-disc patient treated through chiropractic in Malaysia

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For A Slip-Disc Patient?

Research-based chiropractic care is safer, more effective, and corrects or repairs the damage. In other words, it provides the best slip-disc treatment to target the damaged tissue without causing harm, period! The chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Center® carefully evaluate and assess all before establishing a plan of treatment. Assessments are through physical examination, x-rays, MRI assessments, neurological testing, and much more. It is a careful and systematic method based on published research. These research-based corrective chiropractic treatments with Activator methods are the best and safest method in treating slip disc through chiropractic care.

Slip-disc causing pinched spinal nerve

Clinical Physiotherapy & Spinal Disc Damage

Physiotherapy is another great option for patients seeking slip-disc treatment. However, it must be clinical physiotherapy, and not just the general or typical physiotherapy is given to most neck or back pain patients. Too often, physiotherapists start with exercise programs that involve twisting or turning for the injured part. These practices are the reasons why so many end with surgical options. The twisting or turning of the spine can damage a slip-disc. Therefore, if you have a slip-disc, opt for clinical physiotherapy over the regular physiotherapy most offer. Clinical physiotherapy is targeted and specific to damaged tissue. 

Slip-disc treatment at our center is provided through advanced methods of physiotherapy combined with corrective research-based chiropractic. Our slip-disc treatment programs in Malaysia has three phases or stages:

  1. Stability phase
  2. Repair & corrective phase
  3. Strengthening stage

CSC's Three Phases Of Treating A Slip Disc Without Surgery

The first stage of clinical physiotherapy is coupled with chiropractic treatment to stabilize your spine. Stability is provided through manual hands-on methods and specialized therapy methods to help stabilize the spine. Once the spine is stable, corrective care initiates.

The corrective phase is where repairs take place. If you have a slipped disc, it involves using highly specialized therapy devices from our chiropractors and physiotherapists combined. The last stage is the strengthening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A clinical physiotherapist and our research-based chiropractor understand these steps.

Physiotherapists of competing centers may start your care through exercise or stretching programs too early. If they do this, it is a giveaway of the fact that they are not clinical. They may not even be aware of the proper protocols for a slip disc patient. In the following sections of this page, we have explained the therapy devices Chiropractic Specialty Center® uses in clinical physiotherapy and corrective research-based chiropractic treatment.

What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Neck & Back Pain?

Neck and back pains are all too common. NSD Therapy is the best treatment for neck and back pain. NSD Therapy® is offered through a combination of manual methods as well as procedures through sophisticated spine technology. The goal of NSD Therapy® is to fix and repair damaged ligaments, muscles, joints, and spinal discs. Advanced spinal decompression therapy through RxDecom® lies at the heart of NSD Therapy®. Spinal decompression therapy through the RxDecom® can isolate and target each offending segment. Specific targeting of spinal segments is unique characteristic of the RxDecom® not seen in traction like spinal decompression therapy devices of competing centers. 

NSD Therapy® has a success rate of over 95%. Learn more about the various conditions that benefit from NSD Therapy.

chiropractic treatment of slip disc with Cox flexion - distraction therapy

Cox Flexion-Distraction Therapy By FD-3000

Cox flexion-distraction machine is a chiropractic therapy device specific for the spine and slip-disc. Flexion-distraction therapy aims to mobilize, distract, nourish, and stretch the spine.

Flexion-distraction therapy is heavily dependent on the skills and knowledge of the chiropractor providing the treatment. When performed accurately, it will increase spinal disc hydration by increasing the blood flow to the disc.

The increased blood flow improves the rate of recovery. Cox therapy or flexion-distraction needs angling to a specific degree based on the location of spinal disc damage.

In addition to repairing damaged spinal discs, Cox therapy will also assist in stabilizing spinal joints and eliminating unwanted muscle tensions to the targeted rhythmic flexion and distraction therapy.

CSC's Cox flexion-distraction therapy methods are further enriched with the RxDecom®, Spinercise, high-intensity laster therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and other modalities and advanced techniques of physiotherapy.

Reversal of slip-disc with the RxDecom®

The RxDecom®: Breakthrough Spine Technology

The RxDecom® is the world’s best spinal decompression therapy device in Malaysia. It is the best device in non-surgical slip-disc treatment.

Treatment goals with the RxDecom® are to repair and reverse a slip-disc. Yes, a slipped disc can is reversible! Crucial to a reversal of a disc bulge, herniation or protrusion is targeted treatments that depressurize spinal discs and increase the flow of nutrients.

The RxDecom® provides essential spine care as an alternative to spine surgery! 

Spinal decompression is the idea of maximizing negative pressure around the disc. This pressure is exerted to “decompress” discs in the body. As a result, these discs can access oxygen, blood, and nutrients for faster recovery.

Spinal decompression therapy through the RxDecom® stimulates the target area allowing it to heal appropriately. RxDecom® is a component of NSD Therapy®.

NSD Therapy® is a non-painful but soothing method of spine care that reverses a slip-disc without surgery.

slip-disc treatment by shockwave therapy in Malaysia

ESWT Shockwave Therapy & Slip-Disc Treatment

ESWT shockwave therapy refers to the use of high-energy sound waves (acoustic). Shockwave therapy of a slip disc patient is through targeted methods that zeros in on the damaged tissue. Slip disc patients of Chiropractic Specialty Center® find ESWT soothing and effective in helping them regain lost functions.

Shockwave therapy (ESWT) aims to facilitate the healing and rebuilding of damaged cells in muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. ESWT is an essential component of our holistic slip-disc treatment program in Malaysia. In short, shockwave therapy helps repair damage and eliminate painful slip discs.

treatment that is an alternative to spine surgery for a slipped disc in Malaysia

Final thoughts On CSC's Slip Disc Treatment

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is at the forefront of non-surgical slipped disc treatments in Malaysia. We are the premiere slip-disc treatment center in Asia. Our clinical successes are the results of our commitment to research and corrective care. In short, the level of care and attention a slip disc patient gets from us is unmatched. So, if you are looking for the best slip-disc treatment in Malaysia, call us today.

Instead of or surgery or spinal injections, get focused slip-disc treatment in Malaysia through advanced methologies enriched by breakthrough spine technology.

FAQs on slip disc treatment in Malaysia

FAQs on slip disc treatment in Malaysia

We have taken the most common questions patients asked about our slipped disc treatment program and provided short answers. Do contact us today if you need additional information or have a question that we did not address.

What type of slip disc treatment is suitable for faster relief and recovery?

The most efficient means of treating a slipped disc is combined care from physiotherapists and chiropractors—manual therapy and treatments given with therapy machines that focus on damaged tissues such as spinal joints, ligaments, muscles, and of course, the spinal disc. Therapy should not be uncomfortable or painful, as painful therapies can lead to more damage. The chiropractic treatment you need must be without twisting or rotating the spine. Rotatory chiropractic treatments through the Gonstead or Diversified methods will worsen your discs. As such, we will be using the Activator methods of chiropractic treatments.

What is the best treatment for a moderate or severe slipped disc?

The most effective form of therapy for patients with slipped discs is NSD Therapy®. Chiropractors and physiotherapists provide NSD Therapy® through manual and instrumentally assisted treatments given with highly sophisticated therapy devices to help repair damaged joints and spinal discs.

What is the treatment length for a severe slip disc with NSD Therapy® methods?

A large or severe slip disc takes expertise and specialized treatments. Each of your therapy sessions will take about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of your slipped disc. We usually recommend 1 to 2 months of active treatments through NSD Therapy® methods of spine care for patients with severe on an alternate day basis without having more than 2-days between sessions.

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What should be done after finishing all your slipped disc treatment sessions?

If you show signs of improvement by the 5th session, you should continue your treatment. You may require 1-2 months of active care. You should follow active care (provided on an alternate day basis). You may need preventive treatments to avoid a relapse. Preventative or maintenance usually starts when active care is finished and will be provided in three stages: Once per week for two weeks, followed by two times a month for one month, and once per month for two months. After the initial preventive treatments, you may need to go for a second MRI and plan your care from then onwards.

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