manual therapy treatment

Manual Therapy: a specialized manual form of physiotherapy specific for slipped disc, joint & orthopedic condition

Chiropractic Specialty Centers have unique methods of treating spine, joint, and sports injuries. Manual Therapy is a very a hands-on system of care that our clinical physiotherapists render to those in need. The Manual methods of Therapy performed in our centers are target specific. The aim is to release tensions and stresses actively build within muscles fibers to create an environment conducive to healing and repair.

Manual Therapy is not massage or stretching. Manual methods of treatment as performed in our centers is a very functional system of muscle, ligament, and joint re-education. Treatments you get are through various approaches and techniques developed by our founder; Dr. Yama Zafer.  Manual methods of care in our centers were thoroughly researched and developed through Dr. Zafer’s principal of care.   Dr. Zafer empathizes on stability through function. According to Dr. Zafer, body’s functions cannot be balanced unless the soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) are in homeostasis.

Homeostasis is part of the innate intelligence through which our body maintains proper balance, function, and equilibrium at any given moment. A good example of homeostasis is our body’s ability to maintain a temperature of about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of our environment.

Manual Therapy performed in our centers is based on Dr. Yama Zafer‘s principles of creating an environment for proper function and balance, irrespective of our external or internal conditions. Our methods of manual therapy incorporate several tech nuts and methods; often we design exclusive means of manual therapy for patients that present with unique and challenging conditions.


Our Manual Therapy is Significantly Different from Others

Our methods of Manual Therapy are entirely different than what most get when they visit a regular physiotherapy center. Years of research and clinical study allowed us to refine a very ancient form of care. The difference is that our methods of manual therapy are sound clinically.  In other words, we utilize approaches and systems of manual therapy that are unique to a given condition.

Unlike the run of the mill centers, our Physiotherapists are masters of their trade and have spent years studying and perfecting their skills. In addition to what they have achieved, we train and refine those skills to in order to enable our therapist to achieve successes with even the most difficult and challenging condition.


In our centers, manual therapy is used to treat damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia.

Pain comes from many sources, and you have to treat everything that hurts. The methods of therapy utilized by our therapists are not painful. In fact, we frown on ay painful or uncomfortable treatment. Therapy does not have to cause pain. Pain, as we have often said, is a warning sign. Our clinical team pays close attention to this fact, even during manual therapy.

We understand that many have gone to centers where they were pinched, poked and squeezed to the point of tears. Some have even referred to this pain as the Good Pain. Many have returned to our centers with more damage, some with even disabilities that were the result of an improper form of massage dubbed as manual therapy.

To learn more about us or to experience what a reliable, expert clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists can accomplish in tandem, visit one of our centers near you today. In our centers our clinical team uses manual therapy for correction, fixing and resolving damage to spinal discs (slipped disc) joint or other orthopedic conditions. Visit us and discover a pain-free, effective means of chiropractic, physiotherapy, manual therapy treatments that are backed by advanced technology